Welcome to the world of effortless scheduling.

InviteMe allows you to automatically and securely find a meeting time that works for everyone.
Always free.
Schedule a group event in less than 30 seconds
Quickly choose the time, date, location and guests for your event.
choose your preferred date and time
InviteMe analyzes everyone's calendars and provides you with times that work for everyone.
"I spend at least 5 hours a week just scheduling things. InviteMe allows me to still control my schedule while doing all of the legwork for me."

-Marco Vienna, Founder and COO at SmartCapital
"InviteMe frees up the time that I previously had to set aside for scheduling. It gives me more bandwidth to focus on what really matters."

-Brennie Pellegrini, Undergraduate Student at CU Boulder
Yup. It's that simple. Get started today.
Always free.
info@inviteme.ai  | 1515 Walnut Street, Boulder CO 80302

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