Q: Why does InviteMe need permissions from Google or Microsoft?
InviteMe securely finds your available times and only shows times that work for all guests. This saves you from having to go back and forth between email and calendars.

Q: How does InviteMe use my private data?
InviteMe knows the value of keeping your private data private. InviteMe securely stores your calendar event information and contacts, and will only use them when you choose. We use the event information to identify the best times for events that you agree to. We only use your contact information to make it easier for you to send invitations. We don’t SPAM.

Q: How is InviteMe different from other scheduling solutions?
InviteMe is a completely new take on scheduling built on the philosophy that humans should communicate how they want, and not constantly go back and forth with their calendars. While many solutions make scheduling easier for the host, none are loved by guests. InviteMe saves everyone time.

Q: How does InviteMe choose the best times?
InviteMe looks at your event history, evaluates when you usually like to schedule events. For example, if you typically schedule meetings at Tuesday at 10am, and have that time available this week, it will try to schedule it.

Q: Why does my invitation not have a specific start time?
Most likely, your event hasn’t been accepted by all guests. The best time will be chosen from the mutually available free times by the last person who accepts the event.

Q: Will anyone see my calendar?
Only you. They will never see your scheduled events via InviteMe. However, invitation hosts and guests can see whether other guests will attend. Only after you accept an event can the event host and other guests see some mutually available free times.

Q: Will InviteMe automatically adjust for drive time?
Not yet, but soon. Automatically adjusting for drive time is one of the features we plan on building out.

Q: Why did InviteMe ask whether some events were free or busy?
Many busy people place reminders, and block off work times on their calendars. Sometimes these reminders are all-day events. Sometimes the “blocked times” are periods when people want to schedule events. 
Q: Why doesn’t InviteMe reserve times for scheduling like other apps?
Scheduling should account for all parts of your life, not just work. Plus, free times aren’t constant from week to week. This means the same solution should help you schedule happy hour with friends, a Saturday hike with your brother, and an all-day retreat with your co-workers. InviteMe takes an educated guess from your calendar, what you like to do.

Q: How do I report a bug?
Link: https://www.inviteme.ai/form-issue-reporting

Q: How much does InviteMe cost?
It’s free. We’re planning on it remaining free to you too.

Q: What calendars does InviteMe work with?
InviteMe only works with Google and Microsoft calendars. We plan to expand to Apple’s iCloud soon. In the meantime there are several solutions. First, you can claim the email address and login with either Google or Microsoft. Then, if you share your iCloud calendars with either Microsoft or Google. After that, InviteMe will will help you find your free times.

Q: Why do I see multiple calendars in InviteMe?
Many of us have multiple calendars for work and personal reasons. Some people see dozens of calendars that other people shared. You can choose which calendars are the important calendars to take into account. From time to time, you may need to change these settings. Note - you will only be able to create events on calendars for which you have permission. We recommend that you claim all your calendar accounts and email accounts on inviteme, so you can effortlessly schedule events with one login.

Q: What if I have more than one calendar?
All good. You can handle any number of calendars on multiple accounts. There are a couple ways to sync multiple calendars for inviteme.
Recommended: Link your calendar accounts in InviteMe.  At the moment we only support Microsoft and Google.
Share calendars with other accounts from Google, iCloud, or Microsoft. Each one allows anyone to securely share your calendars with your other accounts. You’ll still want to claim all your emails under the same InviteMe account, but then you can avoid authorizing InviteMe to access data from multiple accounts.
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